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Puerto Rico Sailing Trips is very excited to offer its Calico Jack Pirate Ship which is an impressive 54 ft, 2-masted sailing schooner. A schooner is a type of sailing ship, as defined by its rig configuration. Typically it has two or more masts, the foremast being slightly shorter than the mainmast. This majestic sailing vessel resembles a real pirate ship with a traditional rigging system and sails.


The Calico Jack counts with comfortable cushions throughout the deck so you can enjoy every angle of your sailing experience. The bow sprit area offers a unique 360° panoramic view of your journey across the caribbean pristine waters.


The ship counts with ` bathroom, 1 galley, shower head, an accommodating outside ample deck, stereo speakers and bluetooth to hear your favorite music.


Snorkeling gear is available for our guests.






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