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Janise Sailing Day Charter

The 5-hour Janise Sailing Day Charter is perfect for families and small groups. Our voyage takes us to the beautiful islands of Palomino or Piñeros, 45 minutes from the marina. Get cozy on the catamaran's trampoline, snorkel beautiful reefs, indulge in a delicious lunch, take a refreshing dip in the sea, or simply relax at the white sandy beach. Unroll your fun in our floating lily pad to create your own buoyant water island. Our snorkeling spots are secluded and peaceful to make for a true one-of-a-kind experience. You will be amazed at the crystal clear emerald waters where you will discover stunningly beautiful sea life. The thousands of pristine reefs, healthy corals, and colorful fish create a perfect underwater oasis. As you work up an appetite exploring the reef, a delicious barbecue lunch is prepared on board with locally sourced ingredients. Savor the bright flavors of Puertorrican food with an immersive cooking class. Guests will also enjoy assorted snacks and refreshing beverages including beer, sangria and wine. We meet at 8:30am, depart at 9:00am to be back by 2:00pm.


• 5-hour day charter: $239 plus tax per person. Maximum group size is of 6 guests. This charter is not private. For private charters please contact our office.

Use promo code PRS to get 10% off on Mondays the thru Fridays.


Janise Sailing Afternoon Charter

This 3-hour Janise Sailing Afternoon Charter experience is great for couples and engagements. After an enjoyable short sail, we'll drop anchor in the coastline of Fajardo where the guests will have the opportunity take a dip in the ocean, relax in the catamaran’s trampoline, indulge in delicious snacks and beverages including beer, sangria and wine, take pictures and enjoy an alluring sunset setting with Palomino or Piñeros island as a beautiful backdrop. A 15-minute sail takes us back to the marina after a memorable experience in the Caribbean Sea. We meet at 2:30pm, depart at 3:00pm to be back by 6:00pm.


• 3-hour day charter: $179 plus tax per person. Maximum group size is of 6 guests. This charter is not private. For private charters please contact our office.

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